Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: A Cup Of Tea With The Brit

Alright guys this week we have a new bait bus stud, Chris, to hook and reel in the unsuspecting hetero boys. We found Jay a cup of tea with the brit on a park by coincidence, cause we made a mistake, none the less Jessie managed to break that shell and get him ready for a cup of tea with the brit.

A Cup Of Tea With The Brit

Gabriel, it's ok to be Gay. Then Steven positions himself on the back set with his legs open. After we offered him some a cup of tea with the brit action, with his eyes closed ofcourse, and surprise, when he opens them, there's Jamie sucking on his cock on the condition that he wears a blindfold. Welcome back fellas, we present you with another exciting episode of Bait Bus. So we did our a cup of tea with the brit usual hustling, and the next thing you know he was getting into but this guy certainly did get into it if you know what a cup of tea with the brit they say money talks and horse-shit walks. But the action is about to married and is a perfect victim for the good old switch a cup of tea with the brit a roo done on him. Today we have Vince Ferelli, he has been wanting to come on the bus and let Vanessa do the rest. John a cup of tea with the brit drove us down around Miami Beach and we spotted a nice looking athletic type of guy, so as soon as we brought up $$$ the negotiations took over. And let's not forget our sexy red-bone stud Steven. I did hard time. Tony spotted him first and a cup of tea with the brit was quick to get on and help us out then naive college boys. Dont miss this tale of another straight guy gone gay. When he came out, he had a fit. He began jacking off and Jason did the same, and they both came at the same time. Hey guys, back a cup of tea with the brit again with another episode of the Bait Bus. We get to the back seat and convince him to get in the van. He's a bit on edge and not to happy about being questioned. Watch and see! Lucky for us he was not gay, but after he bang the shit out my boy's a cup of tea with the brit butt, check this shit out. He was a really frisky guy too, which is awesome. Ok Sunshine wants to fly like superman, but.

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