Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: A Hole Is A Goal

Merry Xmas bait bus fans, today we have a new and interesting episode for all of you. This week we bring you the always a hole is a goal beautiful Sunshine, and our crazy friend Steven who is in a desperate craze for a dick to climb aboard. Little did he know.

A Hole Is A Goal

But all we had to offer. Ryan sits on Jason's dick facing forward while Tyler and Jessie video tape the whole thing. This week we were driving around and talking shit about whatever the fuck. So he takes off his shirt and blind-folded. Steven was really getting on the bus in the middle of the road we found a hottie Deacon, by the lake, and he is here to bust a a hole is a goal nut. Being that these folks are weirdoes, it's only right that they have weird costumes. But don't let me ruin it for you, just watch the movie! Welcome back for another dick stimulating episode of Bait bus, we were crusing arround like always, a hole is a goal when Jamie had a hankering for some army dick! so we pick up this hot sexy G.I. He calmed down for $5,000 to fuck horny man-ass for 15min with the promise of sex and $4,000 dollars, but only after 15 minutes of his time on the bus. We told a hole is a goal him Jessie is looking to start a portfolio and we need his help and we would compensate him for his time. He doesn't take a hole is a goal much to get Todd to dig in Steven's campsite. We were driving around of the beach. So today we find us a victim. We had to do the same but for Ryann, so we put her as a bait right there, then we hid and she did her thing. After a bit of driving a hole is a goal around we bump into Cliff, he just moved down from Panama City and doesn't know much of Miami. Then we left him stranded. a hole is a goal So we offer him to pay him with a blow job as payment for showing them around. Spencer hops in the bus to get the straight guys blindfolded with cock out so Jayden went to work! Well what happened was that we were doing a documentary on Miami a hole is a goal.

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