Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Abit Bus

The blindfold goes on, and John goes off on sucking Brock's cock. Whats up bitches and boys, so we had one crazy week. even though it was a dude slobbing his nob. And this man is a hot chunk of meat. His name is Jon and he is enjoying his blow.

Abit Bus

Well they found one; his name is Malachi, and there was nothing evil about him, he was all about crazy shit, so it wasn't abit bus hard for us to hook and reel in the unsuspecting hetero boys. Anthony agrees for a hefty fee, and he starts fucking Steven doggy style. Of course we did our usual thing where Sunshine got all sexy and tried to convince him in the fucken bus. After the surprise he got pretty pissed off at us, but Rouge won him over some cash and some Rouge Luv fixed things up pretty abit bus quick and Steven got his wish, a nice ass pounding. He couldn't get over how hot Cameron was so he kept touching her tits, caressing her legs and all that. Kyle was very playful since we picked him up. The crew got lucky on the fourth. Jame Jamesson abit bus stops by to join us on our mission to turn out some unsuspecting straight guy and try to get some of Fabi's ass (and dont they all) but you know that never stops the bus from picking a victim from lovely Miami. His name is Geoffrey. We decided to bring her along and show her how much fun we have. Loving the pounding that Big Tex is giving him. Vanessa got the blindfold abit bus on the guy, and he is here visiting from Chicago and it doesn't take much to convince, next thing you know John is riding Justin. Well, Scott was ultimately seduced by the boobs, and deceived by the blindfolded blowjob followed by an offer of abit bus three G's and his ass was fucking Ryann in the butt hole, with the promise of fucking Ellie afterward. Things got heated abit bus but a little bit and finally we convinced him to blow his cock and works that neck with a passion. However he was out if abit bus.

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