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We found a hot piece of ass, wolf Hudson he was in the Bait bus for you. John slipped in and started sucking his cock, which got hard really fast. Today we are going to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo and we're hung over from all the crazy shit from the aitbus.


The sex was great between them. You will definitely enjoy this one. This is month March Spring Break check this episode, aitbus I think PJ got a MACHO! So Iman, The Driver and I were Driving in a surfing area in South Beach and that we'd be back in about a half an hour. Have fun guys, till the next victim. But after the revelation of who was really sucking his dick, aitbus it took, once again, a flash to have him agree to fuck Steven for 15min with the promise that she's going to suck his cock, and he went for it, blindfolded and all. Well you know what they say about really tall guys, they either have really big dicks, or really big socks. They bull shit Jason, and tell him he is the one for the books. The Baitbus ass hunt was going down while Ellie was talking about dry humping some dude, the controversy of a guy when he's down but he made it so easy. aitbus Once we get him covered and have Steven hop on. Jaime gave this dude the head of his life. We used Iman for the bait today aitbus and this guy nearly killed us all. This one almost got out of control, but flash the cash and he took it. As were cruising aitbus through this plaza we spot this guy, turns out he is stuck there from a crazy night of partying. It didn't take long to aitbus get him on. We convinced him we're starting a reality show and we need to get Ryann some dick, we just went for the kill. Fucking crazy. Check it out and discovered it was Jamie giving him head, Alex was distraught! Welcome back guys for another aitbus great Bait Bus update. Kehoa wasn't to pleased to see who was digging in his camp site. When the blind fold came off and aitbus.

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