Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Baaitbus

Jason joined them to show them around town and began to get cooked as bate.Through small talk Jessie offered to give him baaitbus a piece of dark ass, so it is what we expected. Once money was thrown in the picture, Seth didn't care what he was in the baaitbus.


Do I have a great video for all of you. Talk about a great fucking. Davyd eventually gets the blindfold off and finds out that all the oral pleasure he's been getting is from a hot dude! When he found out it was not Jessie sucking his dick. Vanessa baaitbus works her magic. So today cruising around Miami we have Cole with us. He almost put a hole through the window when he found out that the person giving him the relief. So today we got a new member to the team Raquel Diamond, and boy is she amazing. Anyway, at first when I put my moist mouth around his glorious medium sized meat stick. We knew he was going to rain, especially not as much as Miami, but still hot enough to make your balls sweat. The bait bus is now HD quality! I told them I ain't baaitbus bout that gay shit. Sunshine is talking about the weather as usual. We happen to notice this guy waiting for the bus in baaitbus exchange for a BJ while we taped it. So Ellie blindfolded Jason and pretended to go down on him but it was so damn hot, baaitbus he didn't want to wait anymore. Lovely Sunshine works her magic, luring Brad to the shag-van. This week we got to hang out with this extremely hot guy, his name is Alex, and they hooked him with the bomb. So on todays adventures, Vanessa informs us that she has a candidate ready for the life changing blow job. So this week we got two cute guys but only one got the baaitbus big jack pot!! We managed to calm him down and buy him off because in the end they never say no to this red-boned cutie baaitbus.

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