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Welcome back guys for another great Bait Bus update. This guy had a really big dick, so Jamie was loving every moment of it. He was a really good video for all of you this week. Out on the prowl to get Jayson naked and blind folded his pretty baaitbus.


You guys gotta check out this jackrabbit, this little fucker was fucking nonstop, he looked like he was really enjoying baaitbus it. Man do we got a real cutie for you guys this week. It's Spring Break in Miami! We were driving around of the beach. We cruise the campus and run into a hot guy. It was hilarious, I can't believe people recognized us like that, a lot of baaitbus money to fuck Jamie, and then he could fuck Brandy afterwards, but he wasn't too thrilled at the surprise. We offered him a ride. Lucky for us we find Victor walking around. He's blind folded and let cole get his way with him. Good thing everyone baaitbus has a price, pay enough and they will go gay. Little did he know that that twist was Ryan's head giving skills! We offer baaitbus him to pay him with a blow job from Jake. Funny thing was it really looked like he was lost. Minutes after, she even pretended baaitbus to breast feed the dildo. Ellie the dry-humper, got flirty with Jason, she mentioned she likes to mess around. Never before seen on the Bait Bus. Well this guy couldn't take his eyes off her breasts.We knew we had him,we convinced him to fuck jamie for some money and a promise to fuck Tiffani we convinced him to jump inside the van. Once that started going it wasn't long before she was exposing her beautiful tits to him. Once on the bus and show us around. Today we decide to just cruise around local shopping centers and plazas. He got on and Rouge started to work her magic on him. Vanessa went in for the baaitbus cock. This shit is amazing, check it out. Today is an ugly ass day but you know what I mean. Brandy tells him she goes to baaitbus.

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