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And later John is fucking the bait like it was the last butt-hole on earth. So sit back, and watch as we unfold a bit of badbus gay steam. Then we moved to the other side of the road. Until he found out John was sucking his dick but Jake! We come across.

Badbus Gay

This time we found a hottie Deacon, by the lake, and he is all about partying and wild sex. He couldn't get his eyes off of Jessie's tits so we knew he wasn't gonna get the money anyway. Just like that time I got roped. Elle is going to take a very strange twist. So yeah, we came across a cute looking guy that was giving him that amazing blowjob. So Rusty fucked Ryan doggy, and missionary, then he came on his ass. Moving on, they are on the prowl once more. Too bad Sunshine, he loves cock, and you have a vagina, ha-ha. In his place we got Ryan, a hot cut New Yorker. He was surely enjoying every bit, when he took the blindfold off. We got a real interesting one this week. Steven was sucking on his cock without hesitation and finds himself once again on cloud nine. Once on the bus he goes. Believe me this guy was so into going in the bus this day badbus gay as Carlos makes several attempts for the door when we tell him about our porn motives and how we needed a volunteer to help badbus gay us out with a video of college students and Miami life, after some talk we hit him with the van. Then, She blind folds Anthony with a black snow cap. We drove around looking for some fresh meat for Jamie (like always) and we really couldn't find anyone at all. Vanessa works her magic. Its a nice, warm and sunny outside. Angel came along because Carmella had told me that badbus gay he had been starving for hard dick. They drove into a housing complex,and found Jason who wondered about the video camera after they introduced themselves. After we revealed the truth and the shock and awe goes into effect. So Steven gets the badbus gay.

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