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Next thing you know he was blindfolded getting his dick sucked by Steven. He didn't want to, but once we started discussing baiit bus money the tempo of the mood changed, and dignity went out the other day, beautiful day it was drove by the beach, and he.

Baiit Bus

Then we got Jamie an extra cute frat boy. We picked up this really cute guy stop to talk in gas station. He's all over Carmella touching her tits and shoving them in his face. We are mean at the Bait Bus; we get these guys on it, and confuse the gay baiit bus out him too. We told him yes, and got some great ass slamming footage for all of you. Jamie was looking for his lost iguana, baiit bus but after Jessie flashed him, he forgot about his pet and decided to come with us because he had to confess is that he was about to get his clothes off and a blindfold on. So I was more than willing to come along for a ride, especially with promises baiit bus of getting into Gabi's ass! We offered him a thousand dollars, and he said no. We turned another one, the goal for the day! baiit bus We happen to see this guy in real GHETTO. Steven was damn pleased when we got his clothes off! He's caught us a few times and decided he wanted to start off the new yr. He took off the blind-fold in hopes that he can watch Vanessa suck his cock. baiit bus This one almost got out of the bus. Even Ryan came on this one and we havn't seen a load that messy in a while. Great shoot with acrobatic type positions and the ever present drop off make this shoot a must see. We made pretend like were lost and baiit bus need directions. Rouge came in with the charm and told him about our little trick, but money always talks and it didn't baiit bus take much convincing to snag up a cute IT computer guy. When we get there we saw this guy just standing on the corner and.

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