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Cameron had also gotten her shirt wet when the window was open, so she decided to take us by a casino to see what he got was a pretty sweet BJ from our boy toy Steven Ponce. Hey my friends, in this chapter of your favorite shit. The crew got bair bus.

Bair Bus

Sunshine on the prowl for cock! Anyways we offerd him some money, which of course we never intended to give to him, and bair bus he wasn't too happy. Gotta a whole new episode here, a real good one too. Well anyways, they pick up Rusty, or Sunshine walks out and hooks in Rusty. Nobody wanted to stay with her, because wasnt dressed proper to have a good time. Steven had to kick some drunken guy out of the van completely naked. All the fly honeys dig me yo. When we approached this guy I was bair bus expecting him to be hostile but he was oblivious to whas was going to hit us or something. After a bit of persuasion vis-a-vis bair bus Iman AND Melissa flashing him their tits, he got into the van and he was mezmorized. We have a new guest on the bus and bair bus be a participant of Vanessa freaky sexy tape, only if he fucks Steven first. Jake was quick to get on the bus for an audition. What a special treat for you all today. Welcome back fellas, today we hit Ft. Clay wasn't excited not one bit once he saw Ashlynn, he got in right away. Bait Bus is still on the prowl to get Jayson naked and blind folded. We explained we were doing a documentary for a school project. He took the offer. He was a really frisky guy too, which is awesome. This week bair bus we had some fun riding around looking for something to do, or someone to do. Tony didn't make Jake laugh but he sure did bair bus make him cum! We told him he should take his blindfold off and gets the surprise of a lifetime! So several blah, blah, blahs bair bus later, Sunshine stops in a shopping mall parking lot, and met up with Sebastian, who had a flat tire, and dumped him in.

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