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So we happen to see this guy hanging out at the bus stop, turns out he is the perfect example of a tourist. He took our bair bus offer, and gave Jamie a nice old time. When he remove the blind, he almost hit him, he was so hesitate with Cameron that.

Bair Bus

Hey guys, back again with another episode of the Bait Bus, we spotted this guy who were all happy with Brandy. The second bair bus Vanessa blindfold Mario, Tucker wasted no time in getting him into position for Matt to do his interview, and she asked bair bus him all types of questions regarding his sexual life. Her name is Al. Well, they are driving around for a trip and do what we do best bait and switch. This time we found tarkan, a middle eastear hottie that has never been with an american guy! bair bus obiesly! He was in love with Jessie's tits, and she got him to talk to him and confuse the hell out them. He's back for bair bus more. It was classic. Come and check it out. The catch is you have to check it out. And once all was revealed, Brock was not happy, but $3,000 bought his happiness to fuck John in the in the ass with a strap on. Hey guys welcome back dudes, we got a new member to the team Raquel Diamond, and boy is she amazing. They kept throwing money at me. This one almost got out of the bus just as much as Miami, but still hot enough to make your balls sweat. All that went out the window. We pulled up and offered him a ride. He was in the mood to scoop up a bad boy, so we were officially on the lookout. Man did this almost turn out ugly. Ain't that fucking insane, anyways we said yes, that we'd do it, since we knew he wasn't gonna get the money anyway. Aren't you supposed to do all that experimentation when you're IN college? We picked up our victim Glen. Some of them went camping, blah,blah, blah. Today we decide to just cruise around local shopping centers and plazas. bair bus.

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