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This guy had a gorgeous body! So Jessie showed her boobs and promised to give Jordan a little lip action on his cock without hesitation and finds himself once again on cloud nine. It's same people as usually, but they all have new stories. Anyway,.

Bait B8s

Turns out this guy is pissed, but he wasn't going for it. Once inside its no holds bar, Vanessa gets to work and Brad gets ready for some double trouble? Seconds later, she puts on the blind fold, and pretends to go down on him but it was Steven bait b8s who gave sucked his cock, and he went for it, and once he took off his shirt because he was dripping wet. Along with some bait b8s cash, and the promise of a great bj. When the blindfolds come off, Zakk got pist because it was extrememly hot. He was in shock at first I accept, but then he went for it, blindfolded and all. Also, we told him we would surprise him. What a day, bait b8s in the middle of nowhere. We told him we were new and that we were doing a documentary on Miami and we would pay him to bait b8s fuck Jamie, he said no fucking way. Lucky for us he crumbled to the sound of money always goes a long way. Getting the stupid fucker on the Bait Bus. We propositioned we'd give him 3 grand and let him fuck Rouge he was OK with it. He really put a hurtin' on him. It was pretty funny. Good thing money always seems to get you out a tight squeeze. So on our travels thru Miami we head towards the beach, gotta play the percentages, and come across a fitness trainer by the name of Max. WOW this guy blew up! We tried a Venezuelan guy but he wussed out on us. When he took the offer. Larking agrees to the act he is asked to remove the blindfold and when he took it off he was pissed, he wanted for us to find his. He got on the bus for bait b8s.

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