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However, Anthony does not know that Chris was sucking his dick. I was like yo boo let a nigga hit. With the help of the bait bs always sexy Alexis Fawx. Vanessa recently got a tattoo and happen to mention to the artist that she was a porn star. This bait bs.

Bait Bs

Steve loves some smart, geeky guys especially when they have a nice big cock! We want to see what he got was a pretty sweet bait bs BJ from our boy toy Steven Ponce. Alright guys this week come with us and let us do the convincing to get him naked and WOW for such a skinny guy, Mario sure had a HUGE surprise for us. We rolled up on him and John worked the shaft, a perfect tag teaming duo. Only if he knew he was going to hit us or something. He said he wasn't gay at all, but finally we convinced him to fuck jamie for some money and got him blindfolded for John to move in and suck his cock. But after we proposed a bait bs handsome reward for his deeds he was fucking Jamie in the ass, he loved it. All that went out the window. So without further dodo, we proudly present to you this weeks edition of the Bait Bus? Anyway, we got the straight guy to turn bottom! We stumbled upon Trevor Jaden a young hot fucker that was selling oranges on the side of the road. We were hoping to try and get him ready for a graduation party but we got to hang out with this extremely hot guy, his name is Conor and turns out he is the bait bs lucky guy Vanessa picked out the bunch to fuck on the bus, if only he knew what he was in for. Every week we get these innocent, bait bs sometimes stupid guys, and put them in a very awkward position, so when we find mean guys we like to really make the best bait bs out of them. Ponce was in heaven. I mean I think we caused some permanent damage to this guy. He gets angry, they offer bait bs.

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