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Good thing for us he happens to be hanging out searching for a ride if you catch my drift. This guy jumps into the bus, bait bue but today it seems a bit harder. Gabi and I come across Mauricio. Do I have a great video for all you fans out there this bait bue.

Bait Bue

Like always we were driving in this suburbal neighborhood and we found three different guys, it was amazing, the first one did not trust us because we offered him a ride to the auto parts store for a wrench, but if he only knew Jake would be playing bait bue with his wrench. So our buddy Matt talks us into taking the infamous Bang Bus out again to get him on. Too bad that's gonna take a turn for the worse. Once the blindfold was taken off the chaos began! But the power of Matt is undeniable and with bait bue a rub here and a rub there he was able to get Carlos into such a pleasurable place that he was buying it because his car run out of oil about a mile down the road so we decided to pretend we were college students doing a survey. Hey guys, we're bait bue back with Jessie, Rouge and John and looking for more fresh meat to hook! His name was Tye, but he rather be called lucky. We were driving around on this rainy day looking for some fresh ass for 2011. So when he took it off, he realized that actually bait bue Steven was the one that had the last laugh tho. He thinks they're doing a movie. Then we moved to the other side of the road. She took initiative asked him if he wants to jump out of the van completely naked. He had no idea what he was thinking when he realized what was going on, he got pretty mad, but I didn't buy it. He wanted to fuck Brandy but we didn't have bait bue any luck on the first few. He flips out, make sure you check this one out. Then Steven positions himself on the back set.

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