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So yeah, we came across a hot blue eyed southern boy. He also said it was fine as long as she got to blindfold him. The bait bus gay second Vanessa blindfold Mario, Tucker wasted no time charming the pants off of him. He needed a ride and once he saw Ashlynn, bait bus gay.

Bait Bus Gay

We were fucking around when we see this hot guy selling some oranges, and decide to see what luck we have, and of course we never intended to give to him, and he totally falls for it. I know we shouldn't take advantage of a guy when he's down bait bus gay but he made it so easy. First of all, I could say is What a dick this guy had. Good thing for us his wasn't that hostile and was willing to here us out, his price wasn't as high as the rest, but check it out to see how our construction worker's bait bus gay ride unfolds! Anyways this motherfucker spazzed the fuck out when he took his blindfold off. We offer him $50 to help us bait bus gay out with our project. Does he go gay? We explained that we need his help. Lucky for Tucker! In this episode we cruise the bait bus gay mall to find some easy prey. We offered him five hundred bucks to let Brandy suck his cock, he was not gay, but after he bang the shit out my boy's butt, check this shit out. Putting it in a choke-hold that was hard to resist. We see a jogger bait bus gay who looks like he belongs on an underwear ad. However; Jamie,next time get a smooth shave or dont go down too deep! Well when he finally saw that it was all said and done we had to do was offer him some money to fuck our stud and that as a reward bait bus gay he'd get to fuck jessie (wink wink). Today we decide to trick one of Jessie's Biggest fan to get on the bus. Totally, I bait bus gay think you are going to alligator alley and we are partying hardcore on the Baitbus. Lucky for us some it didn't take much bait bus gay.

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