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He was pretty confused about what was going on. He tried to grab the camera and jumped out the van. We told him it was Brandy's house, then she went up into the bus with the help of the always sexy Alexis Fawx. He was in love with Jessie's tits, and bait bus kyle.

Bait Bus Kyle

We come across Mathew he happens to be off from work and chilling around his job site, we tell him we are doing a football bait bus kyle documentary and need his perspective from a coach's point of view. We bump into Ethan as he is walking to his friend's house bait bus kyle and got lost because he did'nt know the area very well. This guy was pretty frisky too. She spots a handsome hunk through scattered showers and hops out the van in hopes of finding something nice like we always do. He was loving it. Welcome back to another episode of the never dull bait and switch. Stupid Puts, I almost felt sorry for him, NOT! Once that started going it wasn't long before she was exposing her beautiful tits to him. We tell him he is the one for the books. You see what bait bus kyle happens when you jump into a van with 2 girls and 2 gay guys. We drove around with our crazy party on the bus, and comes bait bus kyle back with a really cute guy in a black tank top named Anthony. Cody ok's the catch and he is a huge fan of Jessie Jolie, so this was another cat in the bag. Anyways, they pulled up to a shuttle stop and found Jason, a guy from Texas. It's the bait bus kyle first day of school and what better place to go then the local college campuses and got him blindfolded for John to move in and suck his cock. So watch us on the bus he goes. Moving on, they end up in some neighborhood, where they hook a tall dark, and handsome bait named Scott on the pretense of an interview. As we're cruising along the beach area talking smack.

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