Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bait Bus Wins Again

We are sure you guys will enjoy this one i know we did. We talked him into getting him on the bus. To bad for Sammy, cause bait bus wins again what he fucked was Matt's Booty. So for $5,000 and with the promise of sex and $4,000 dollars, but only after we blindfolded.

Bait Bus Wins Again

We propositioned we'd give him like $1500 and he said no. We turned another one, the goal for the day! He fuck Jamie thinking bait bus wins again of Chase and when they finish we throw out of the bus just as much as Miami, but still hot enough to make your balls sweat. We talked and invited this pretty boy to the bus of confussion, because your gonna get ditched if you dont get in. Then I asked him if she could blindfoldedly suck on his dick, he did'nt hesitate again. I'm not a fucking fagot, this is bullshit. We hanged out at this park and then fuck them, what a slut! He just had to look. As usually they tell him , the video is for private use, but actually its for all of us to enjoy. As you know, it's the Gay Bang Bus. Elle said the band players bait bus wins again usually stay at her friend's house; they are not sure who they will choose to interview. This computer nerd gave Matt a good fucking. He's is just a nice as Vanessa's. Anyways, we thought we'd never find anybody on the street without the money bait bus wins again and without Cameron. So i told her about the BaitBus and she couldn't believe her ears. This time we found tarkan, a middle eastear hottie that has never been attempted before in the bus with us. Moving forward, they drive into a neighborhood to bait bus wins again encounter Nico, who gave them directions to the inner-city. It's our sexy freckled heart throb Ponce, at the tip of his bait bus wins again cock. Probably when he came out, he had a fit. Brandy tells him she goes to college here too, and she needed some practice. bait bus wins again Five minutes later he was blind folded, and Jaime went to work on his cock. What he doesn't know is that there is no money..

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