Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bait Bus Wins Again

Some of them went camping, blah,blah, blah. So we came with our usual documentary story, and offered him some action, with his eyes closed ofcourse, and surprise, when he opens them, there's Jamie sucking on his cock. You know how it goes! He.

Bait Bus Wins Again

Jake decided to join us again for another hunt for some straight cock, and we come across a guy that looks really stressed out from his construction job, and it looks like he's in luck today! So check it out, beacuse Tarkan is more than a hottie! Who is ready for the life changing blow job. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, the Baitbus gang is up to their usual shenanigans; you know, bait bus wins again driving around and Sunshine is going absolutely bonkers yelling at people. Andy is amazed at how crazy these people are, bait bus wins again and somehow in the whole mess he ends fucking a dude. We come across Diego promoting a club on South Beach, but we want him on the bus and naked in no time, took even less getting his pants off blind folded. But they failed to mention from bait bus wins again who. So today Felix was in the mood for a manly man, a big ole meat head. Like always, the Bait Bus we meet Spencer. After bait bus wins again a few fails by the college we found a hottie Deacon, by the lake, and he is quick to react upon it agreeing to fuck Stone bait bus wins again for 15 minutes. He was really upset but he agree to give him a free ride home. He kinda looked like Brad Pitt but way dreamier. Cruising around we bump into Cliff, he just moved down from Panama City and doesn't know much of Miami. After we knew we had him,we convinced him to fuck Steven, and he did a good job banging that ass. Chad was as sharp as they come and pretty bait bus wins again cute to boot! We are chilling along the sidewalk when we happen to see this little helpless victim, he is at a bus stop.Jason.

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