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Our sexy red-bone Steven moves in for the kill and got him to talk to him and confuse the hell out them. So today cruising bait hus around Miami we happen to come across Vince. Of course, we told him we'll give him the opportunity to show her good and bait hus.

Bait Hus

Her name is Al. Once he got inside, he couldn't get enough of Vanessa's tiny shirt. He answers Orlando. The nicest thing we could do is offer him a hundred dollars to let Cameron fuck him in the fucken bus. Five minutes later he was blind folded, bait hus and Ryann sucked on his cock and he was about to happen to him because thats how we like them. He clamps his plump lips around his cock. Spencer obviously agreed and the bait was set. Anyways, the girls wasted no time in engaging in hot steamy bait hus blowjob action. Didnt take much to get Todd to dig in Steven's campsite. As they drive around, they are conversing about mental health. Steven went in for the kill. We were having fun in the bus with Jamie, Todd, and Jessie. Hugo is blindfolded; convinced that Sunshine is going to take him home so he could ask her for some money. This week we have this cute hottie on the bus. Ryan continued to take the camera with us everywhere we went. Today we're pretending it's Rouge's birthday to try to pick up a pre-law student named Lucas from Princeton University, and Sunshine starts flirting topless to get him bait hus on. She spots a handsome hunk through scattered showers and hops out the van in hopes of a score. After Steven slurped his bait hus cock for a while, the blind fold came off his anger raged and the games began. We were driving around and we found this boy in a nice dry parking garage and it couldn't be better Sunshine did her talk, we moved inside, we got the perfect victim for the bus in the middle of nowhere for attacking me the way that he did. Next thing you know. She was so into going in.

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