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So we happen to catch a guy ready to do some major calming down. Ponce needs his weekly dose of cock shoved deep inside his little love hole. So knowing how we get down she wanted to blindfold him. Being that these folks are weirdoes, it's.

Bait Us

Today, Vanessa decides she wants to fuck. He is from Sin City, I mean from Las Vegas. Have fun my fellow Bait Bus fans. bait us Lucky for us when the blindfold comes off, Justin is confused, and very unhappy. I mean this guy could really fuck. Minutes bait us to the act and finds John handling business for Sunshine. Bait Bus is still on the prowl to get Jayson naked and blind folded him so Parker London can work his magic with his soft lips. When they arrived at some shopping mall, Sunshine called over some dude from Colombia and she made him miss his bus so they offered him a ride in exchange for a quick and easy $50. We bait us tell him we are doing some sort of fitness video and we need his help. He fucked this guy's ass so deep, he saw sparkles and unicorns. So today we have a giggly cutie. with washboard abs and gorgeous blue eyes. Welcome back to the base, and he was PISSED! Turns out AJ wasn't to happy at all. Steven jumps on and starts digging for Todd's bone, unfortunately Todd wasn't to thrilled about the process we just put him through but flashed some money and a promise to fuck Tiffani we convinced him that we would do a music video for his band if he got in right away. Watch and enjoy. After trent got sucked up, he insisted he was not gay, but after he bang the shit out of Jamie. Hey guys, this week we got a cool shoot for you guys this bait us week. A little while later, the blind fold came off the story changed, his eyes got covered and Rod worked his pole. He fucked Steven in every position we could think. Our sexy red-bone Steven moves in for the cock. It was a guy who came from bait us.

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