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We played it off pretty well, we ended up in Pompano where we found Derek, a hottie from California who was lost after spending a crazy night of partying. Too bad that's not the only way things get on the bus and once inside the magic began, Vanessa's baitb7s.


All that went out the other day, beautiful day it was drove by the beach, and we found three different guys, it was amazing, baitb7s the first one did not trust us because we offered him $3000, he couldn't refuse. We get him on the bus and show us around. Hey guys, we're back with Jessie, Rouge and John and looking for more fresh meat to hook! Alex didn't take the blind fold baitb7s came off. We calm him down a little bit of money he wasn't that bad, I think it was theater, but anyway he fuck Jamie for baitb7s five fucking thousand dollars. Weather has changed for good and Its warm today. Jaimie had the best birthday ever. Well baitb7s she offered to suck onhis dick while being blindfolded, and quikly he said yes. We took the gang close to where sunshine baitb7s used to live when she was growing up. Once he got on,he took off his shirt because he was broke so it was easy to con him. I think he enjoyed it. So, Sunshine went to work, got him all nice and blind folded, and Jaime went to work on his cock. baitb7s Hugo agrees and the test goes through completely. We cruise around Miami looking for a victim to get baited into some fun. It wasn't all fun and games once Tony found out what was going on, but a little bit of cash and mischief. We had to stop the bus to go to work. This one almost got out of control, but flash the cash and he gave it to him pretty good for a straight baitb7s guy that eventually ends up having gay sex. We told him we were just having fun on the party bus, picking up random guys baitb7s.

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