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Jayson wasn't thrilled at all once he discovered he was a retired soldier or marine. After some convincing he got on the baitb8s bus and get himself some straight cock. Cruising around miami never gets old when we happen to spot big foot walking around, baitb8s.


She's a hottie originally from Europe but lives in Miami. Anyways, they pulled up to him to see why the hell he was in shock, actually he was pretty speechless. And the third one, we went to find it in the street. They apologized for the trickery,and baitb8s offered Jason a total of $3,500 plus he gets to fuck Jessie, but only after 15 minutes of ass ramming. As she is running baitb8s Andy grabs her and he takes it just like the rest of the little bit of money and some persuasion go a long way when getting a straight guy go gay. When the cover came off a man was the last thing Rex wanted to see sucking him up. We decide to hit up the strip and find Niko just walking around. That victims name was Alex, he agreed to do an amateur shoot with Ellis as the cock receiver, so he thinks. Gabi and I pretty much hustled the young college boy into our van with promises of wild sex. So this day we decided to throw him a party on the bus we have Mike who is our new temp driver. Some money is flashed around, and he is blindfolded. As we continue driving around, we bump into an anesthesiologist, he is just getting off of shift but we convince him to get on the bus. He didn't want to, but once we get him naked and Jake jumped on that thick dick, working his magic. This guy is the perfect face we need for our new show. It's a dude son. She was so into going in baitb8s the bus because he thinks Sunshine is hot. He got his dick rock hard. We came across this nice looking fellow, the only.

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