Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Baitbhs

When he came out, he had a friend walking with him. So we said yeah, had him fuck the shit out of Jamie. We see this guy just waiting outside. He needed a ride back to Key West. Until the next time, keep stroking. Once we get him on board. This.


Me being the real nigga that I am, I ended up offering him more money, and he took the blindfold off he practically killed baitbhs Jamie. Steven was drooling just watching him run. I dunno man, I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time in the end. He was baitbhs really upset but he agree to give him a well deserved polishing. So i told her about the BaitBus and she couldn't believe baitbhs her ears. She took initiative asked him if she could suck his cock, and he went bottoms. It didn't take long to seduce him and it takes even less time getting Steven's mouth wrapped around his dick. Like always we were driving around on this rainy day looking for some cock for Jamie when we spotted this construction guy, or I think he might of actually enjoyed it. As baitbhs we continue driving around, we bump into Big Al a no bullshit Italian from NY. See how much they offer to get him to fuck Jamie, and he asked for $5,000. Lips around his cock, but they're Ponce's. He is a young guy. Pretty straight forward guy, baitbhs told Vanessa he can't stop staring at Mella's round boobs Then we tell him we are making a reality show about the tourism in Miami, and he jump into the van. Hey guys what's going on? He was insane and we were making a project, he get in the bus right the fuck away! Hey guys this week we got to him first. Jake was quick to jump on the bus. We offered him five baitbhs hundred bucks to let Brandy suck his cock blindfolded. After a few questions here and there, Jessie pops out her tits and baitbhs offering him a bj. Everyone takes a turn at showing off how they can deep throat their lollipop penises. Vanessa really baitbhs.

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