Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Baitbua

OK moving on, they stop at a warehouse district, and they pick up Rusty, or Sunshine walks out and hooks in Rusty. We told baitbua him yes, and got some great ass slamming footage for all of you. Moments later, Sunshine shows her pregnant boobs and they baitbua.


Don't miss out on the prowl. He began jacking off and Jason did the same, and they both came at the same time. Dareian fell for it like the rest, which led him to being blind folded and Felix took charge. Sunshine is down for revenge and plots baitbua an insurrection with Larkin. This week we have a special surprise for you. Me being the real nigga that I am, I ended up offering him more money, and he just needed to do his thing. Hello baitbus fans! Talk about a great fucking. Moving on, John and Elle actually make a cute couple. He fucked this guy's ass so deep, he saw sparkles and unicorns. He jump in the baitbua bus this guy can't keep his eyes off Vanessa's tits and doesn't take much to have him agree to fuck the shit out of Matt. baitbua So we convince him with $50 for 15 minutes of ass ramming. We was driving around this secluded neighborhood when we came baitbua across a hot blue eyed southern boy. And the rest is history. Tim has not had sex in about three weeks. He liked the fact that another man was sucking his dick. We happen to spot a meathead ready to go for a run, we lure him to the bus. He told baitbua us he was waiting for a bus. When they arrived at some shopping mall, Sunshine called over some dude from Colombia and she baitbua made him miss his bus so they offered him a ride to the auto parts store for a wrench, but if he only knew Jake would be playing with his wrench. He was waiting over an hour for some friends to come get him. As she is running Andy grabs her baitbua.

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