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With conversation underway they're talking about jerking off. Why do they always fall for that one? I mean I think we caused baitbus all american college boy some permanent damage to this guy. Carmella sweetened the deal by telling him that he's in Miami, and the crazy things that baitbus all american college boy.

Baitbus All American College Boy

It's been so rainy around these parts for like the whole month. Welcome back to the exciting adventures of Bait Bus. We baitbus all american college boy came across Phillips and decided that he would be the perfect candidate for our documentary on the economy. So today Felix was in the mood to scoop up a bad boy, so we were officially on the lookout. Then, he fucks Ryan on his back, and doggy while displaying his usual drill my ass facial expression. Turns out this guy is in the Army and is on some vacation from baitbus all american college boy Iraq, Steve has a special treat for him but he wasn't one bit happy when the blind fold came off it wasn't who he was expecting to see on his cock. He agreed and the madness commenced. Vanessa sweet talks him to death landing yet another score. Cody and Kylie convince him to get in for $40. Reel him in folks! We happen to bump into Dominic aka DJ Adam who is looking for his lost iguana, but after Jessie flashed him, he forgot about his pet and decided to come with us and party. We decided to bring her along and show her how much fun we have. We notice a tall handsome stud walking on the sidewalk. Hey whats baitbus all american college boy up guys, so this week we got a cool shoot for you guys this week. As you know it is still Spring Break here in Miami promoting baitbus all american college boy his club event. In the end we left him stranded. So yeah, we came across a hot blue eyed southern boy. So we got some nice baitbus all american college boy footage of him fucking the shit out of Jamie, he realized he got tricked; however, it only took $2,000 for him to stick.

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