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Today the bait bus is on the loose and Stephen is chasing after her. Well here on the Bait Bus and ran into into a free spirited 19-year-old guy, Jason Creed, who's on his way to getting some Chinese takeout. Was Tyler pissed. He clamps his.

Baitbus Com

Well anyways, they pick up a pre-law student named Lucas from Princeton University, and Sunshine starts flirting topless to get him on the bus for some cash. So today we find us a victim. So we went out the window. Good thing for us, everyone has a price and this HOT Argentinean was not the exception! Anyways I'll leave the rest for you guys to see. He couldn't baitbus com get over how hot Cameron was so he kept touching her tits, caressing her legs and all that. We tell him Vanessa wants to do a little documentary. We offered him a ton of cash he decided to gets on the bus. Enter Trenton, he blew Alex's mind away! ha! We stop in front of a house and we told him there was a handsome reward for fucking Ryann he was down here from Ohio enjoying all the sex that comes along with spring break.Jessie opens her blouse to expose her tits to turn Jason on.Then baitbus com Jessie blinds fold Jason with his white tank top, while she lets Ryan suck his dick. We happen to bump into this really baitbus com hot guy we found walking around the beach. He was really upset but he agree to give him some head. Hugo agrees and the test goes through completely. Bait Bus is still on the prowl and Steven is playing the flute. We tell him we are making a reality show about the tourism in Miami, and he jump into the van, we were laughing and talking with him until Brandy convinced him to get in to his girlfriends apartment complex. We bump into Ethan as he is walking to his friends house, we tell him baitbus com we are doing some sort of fitness video and we need his help. He took the offer for $2500 dollars, and a chance to fuck.

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