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Anyways I'll leave the rest for yourselves. We come across a sexy stud by the name of Nick, as he's running around getting his physical training on. He liked the fact that he would be the perfect candidate for the supposed show. He needed a ride.

Baitbus Video

So It was the perfect scenario because he was broke so it was easy to con him. Dareian fell for it They pulled up in a shopping mall parking lot, and met up with Sebastian, who had a flat tire, and dumped him in the van and Todd accelerate, he almost baitbus video catch us, he run so fast. Well she offered to suck onhis dick while being blindfolded, and he went for it. So they are talking shit about whale dick, What the fuck? He has balls of steel and he is offered a blowjob by Sunshine. Ponce was in heaven. He got on the bus he can't keep his eyes off of Carmella's tits, so ofcourse she took them out, and he was a sex fiend. Enter Trenton, he blew Alex's mind away! ha! He honestly thought that he was about to embark in an epic blow job brought to you by Ryann, but of course he was down! He was a real cutie, and we did feel a little bad after we left him on the bus baitbus video and let Vanessa work her magic. So jump on the bus. Today on the bus of confusion, and we are such good samaritans that we just had to help him. Thats when we found Daniel a physical therapist willing to help us. Come and check it out. We happen to find this lone ranger Tyler who seems to be in the video. He took it a step further and continued what was started. But we managed to diffuse the situation with some cash flow. Today is Vanessa's bday, so Steven is letting her pick the bait. baitbus video We picked up this really cute guy in a black tank top named Anthony. What a crazy ass weekend it's been. We give Grey a baitbus video.

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