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What's up my fellow bait bus fans. Seconds later, she puts on the blind fold, and then we went in for kill. Check it out and discovered it was Jamie he almost hit us. They find a guy sitting on the bench. Ok Sunshine wants to fly like superman,.


Hey guys welcome back dudes, we got a nice hottie for you guys, a real man's man. He fucked this guy's ass so deep, he saw baitbuus sparkles and unicorns. He was in the mood for a manly man, a big ole meat head. We are sure you guys will enjoy this one baitbuus i know we did. It feels like forever, but were back with another exhilarating episode of Bait Bus for you. The bait bus is on the loose and Stephen is chasing after her. Hugo agrees and the test goes through completely. So when he took his blindfold off. We waited around for a trip and do what we do best bait and switch. His name was Neo, and no, he is not gay, but after he bang the shit out of himself. We happen to notice this guy waiting for the bus ride home. We stop ask him what baitbuus he's up to, and he tells us that he's going his friend's house. The bait bus trio is once again driving around housing the young, restless, and irrefutably horny. She picked up this really cute guy stop to talk in gas station. He seemed like a pretty normal guy, we drove up and told him we can give him a ride, and we told him that she thought it was hot.So the blind fold goes off along with Justin's temper. We told him we would pay him to fuck Jamie and well the rest you'll just have baitbuus to watch. After some chit chat we got him to take off her clothes and run naked in the rain. We are chilling along the sidewalk when we happen to bump into a lucky contestant. His life would change forever. We basically told him he was quick to get baitbuus.

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