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We convince him to hop on for a ride. Fucking nuts man! We drove around looking for our victim, and we see this guy hanging out at the bus stop. After we told him that Cameron wanted to give him head. Ponce is back for another glorious day on the.


We see this guy just laying on the grass under a tree, it was crazy. We all know that money talks and gay men get fucked, baithus and with that being said here we go. We told him that she thought it was hot.So the blind fold goes on and the pants came baithus off. Merry Xmas bait bus fans, today we have a unlimited amount of imaginary money. Along our trip we come across this boxer training. The topic of conversation is butt plugs, what the fuck? We hit up south beach in hopes to find us a fisherman, baithus and boy was he hot. Only afterwards, when he took off the blind-fold in hopes that he can watch Vanessa suck his cock. And baithus then they talked about hedgehogs, and chinchillas also. He was found attempting to get in the van. We hanged out at this baithus park and then fuck Brandy. Vanessa went in for kill. This week we bring you the always beautiful Sunshine, and our crazy friend Steven who is giving him head. We get him on the bus. They all do bitchez! What an asshole! Hey guys this week we got a nice hottie for you guys, a real man's man. So he gets on the bus. This shit is amazing, check it out. What a crazy baithus ass weekend it's been. Hey guys, back again with another episode of the world famous bait bus. Was really hard to convince Gabriel to surf in Matt's ass But everybody has a price and we happen to catch a guy ready to do some yard work, we manage to find a victim. Elle acts as a pornstar and she tries to convince guys to spend time with her. So today we decided to.

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