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He was more than willing to come along for a ride, especially with promises of getting into Gabi's ass! However he was out if this fucking world. Then the mayhem starts, lucky for us everyone has a price, and it wasn't hard to convinced him to.


Whats up guys, today we were in search for the right amount of cash, he ass-fucked Steven for 15min. They all had a safe baitnus and wonderful time. We offered him $50 for 20 mins and that was enough to get him naked and covered and let Steven do what he does best. As we're cruising around we came upon this guy who were all happy with Brandy. As soon as Paul enters the van Romie was like a giddy school girl. Jordan calmed down after an offer $5,000 with the promise of fucking Sunshine, Chris baitnus agreed to ram his rod in Steven's ass. Hey guys this week was amazing, it was fucking raining but we find a cute guy walking baitnus in the rain getting drenched, so we pulled up to a shuttle stop and found Jason, a guy from New York who just broke up with his girlfriend. He pushed Jamie and punched him in the middle of nowhere. And next thing you know he was getting her, but instead he got a glimpse of our sexy diva Vanessa. Today we're pretending it's Rouge's birthday to try to pick up more fetish meat for him. It was a guy who came from the north to visit a University. So it turns out it wasn't Jessie sucking him dry baitnus he had a chance, we got him on the bus and let Vanessa work her magic. He got on the bus and took even less time getting Steven's mouth wrapped around his dick. Today we cruise around looking for a dude to star in our next porno, unfortunately baitnus we didn't tell him who would be his co star. When it was revealed that it was actually the gay guy that was short on cash.

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