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At first, they were not sure about the whole deal, but once she got that huge purple cock inside his tight ass, they were both freaking loving it. He was found attempting to get in the van. Then we have Steven on the hunt for another cock to.

Baitt Bus

We are sure you guys will enjoy this one i know we did. He got on the bus, if only he knew what was in store. So we did our usual hustling, and the next thing you know he was blindfolded getting his dick from our female counterpart but rather baitt bus Alex. The catch is you have to see it for yourself to believe it. We came across this place and just waited till we found a very macho like guy by the name of Max. Whats up fellow Bait Bus fans. Welcome back fellas, we present you with another exciting episode of the Bait Bus, Cole is back for another journey on the bait bus with us. We decided to take a leak, so baitt bus they pulled over, and they met a hitchhiker named Tim. Hey this week we got two cute guys but only one got the big jack pot!! He seems to have enjoyed it a bit! They drove into a housing complex,and found Jason who wondered about the video baitt bus camera after they introduced themselves. It was the perfect scenario because he was broke so it was easy to con him. We had to really calm him down. Then again, that's probably what he was thinking when he realized who it was, he flipped, I mean he really flipped out. The baitbus gang is looking for his girlfriend's dog who had run away. Moving on, they are on the prowl entices Bobby to hop on for a few days, we tell him we are looking around Ft. lauderdale beach and seen this hot guy, asked him to be hostile but he was pretty pissed about. After couple of interesting positions, he popped all over Ryann's hot ass. He wasnt to thrilled when he discovered Steven Ponce sucking on his dick. I convinced him to fuck Ryan for 15min baitt bus.

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