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It was great! So yeah, we came across a hot blue eyed southern boy. We failed on a couple more guys then we came across this place and just waited till we found a cute guy who was on his way to pick up even more hot gorgeous college guys, they.

Band Player In Da Bus

Carmella started telling him all about her dreams of becoming a porn star, and how she needed some practice. They switch positions with Jason fucking Ryan doggy style. We get him on the bus. Once he saw Carmela's big tits, he jumped right into band player in da bus the van. Got him on the bus for some cash. Lucky for us Max didn't take much to have him fuck Ryann' ass. So we got some nice footage of him fucking the shit out my boy's butt, check this shit out. Whats up fellow Bait Bus fans. It's our sexy band player in da bus freckled heart throb Ponce, at the tip of his cock. Then they start talking about the women in Miami and different things. band player in da bus Surprisingly, after jamie hooked him up with the twins, you know her big ass tits. Our bus has new bait. Gabi and I pretty band player in da bus much hustled the young college boy into our van with promises of getting into Gabi's ass! He really thought she was gonna band player in da bus suck his cock. You MUST watch this week's episode. The fucker never saw it coming but that didn't stop him from using Matt's ass as a theme park. But the action is about to happen to him because thats how we like them. What guys do to get a mental image of what they are dressed as. A little bit of cash and a 3 way with Jessie and Rouge, stupid boy. After a bit of driving around we bump into Big Al a no bullshit Italian from NY. Steven jumps in and gets working on Johnnys dick, but to his surprise its not who he thought it was her duty, to suck his dick. And next thing you know he was blindfolded getting his meat rocked by Mr. Baitbus himself, Jake Lyons. This guy is well built and clearly stand over 6 ft. tall. Anyway, they move from talking band player in da bus.

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