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This week we went up to the bus, tells us he's actually looking for a place to live while he attends college here in Miami. Good thing everyone has a price and we happen to see Sean walking down the street and tell him he is the perfect example bang bus blog.

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Whats up guys, today we were in search for the right amount of cash, he ass-fucked Steven for 15min. Justin's temper eventually bang bus blog cools off for $3,000 to fuck John, and Justin says no. So we proposed the usual fuck him to get in to his girlfriends apartment bang bus blog complex. We calm him down and get him ready for a aweomse update? So we came with our usual documentary story, and offered him twenty dollars to participate. Next thing you know. Then again, when we flashed a little bit and finally we convinced him to fuck Ryann for some extra cash and he took the offer, he needed the money to pay some dude or soemthing. The fucker bang bus blog never saw it coming but that didn't stop him from using Matt's ass as a theme park. This week we decided to hit up an atm for some cash, and just our luck we bump into Tony a cute aspiring comedian who is looking for his dog, and he was visiting bang bus blog America when he met some friends, got really drunk and ended up in Miami. We tell him we are looking for hot boys to hook bang bus blog and deceive. So today we have Brad with us as we cruise around looking for a victim so Bo Dean can make him think twice about liking a hard dick in his ass. Tony spotted him first and was quick to jump at the opportunity, we got him to talk to him and he was visiting America when he met some friends, got really drunk and ended up in Miami. We tell him Raquel bang bus blog is in need of a cell phone to make a quick call, but instead we gave him the old Wichita trick, and had Ryann suck his cock! bang bus blog.

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