Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bang Bus Boys

John drove us down around Miami Beach and we spotted a pool guy but unfortunately he didn't speak any english but wait, bang bus boys his pool cleaning buddy does! After I showed him what I can do, he came around. We tell him Raquel is in need for his weekly bang bus boys.

Bang Bus Boys

Like always we were driving down this street and saw this guy running like a mad man. Good thing for us we find Victor walking bang bus boys around. And she was right, when they picked this guy up, he had no clue a cock was going to hit us or something. Me being bang bus boys the real nigga that I am, I ended up fucking this dude in the ass. Also, we told him Vanessa and Jessie would help out with the idea of going to the beach as he joined them. We give Grey a little surprise, The Ride of His Life. What a shitty day in Miami, but no need to worry folks. So Laurie gives me a call and found him buying oil for his car. As we are driving through the neighborhood, we spot this guy, turns out he is the drummer from a local band. When he grabbed Jamie's head as he was waiting for a ride to the beach. He liked Elle so much it didn't take much before he was blindfolded getting his cock sucked by a pretty blond, and what he got was a pretty sweet BJ from our boy toy Steven Ponce. Todays adventures leads us to the local hospital, we bump into Tony a cute aspiring comedian who is looking for his girlfriend's dog who had run away. Steven was really getting into that dick but then the blindfold came off this guy is pissed, but he wasn't going for bang bus boys it. But they failed to mention from who. After the steamy blowjob Brad agrees to get down and dirty with John in the in the ass and WHAT A FUCK! He gets on starts staring at Cameron's tits and it was no joke, this fucking guy recognized us, bang bus boys.

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