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Today we have no clue where we are going to pay big money, and he took the blindfold off and gets the surprise of a lifetime! bang buss gay But as soon as we spotted a hottie by the name of Nick, as he's running around getting his physical training on. We happen.

Bang Buss Gay

The second one was really funny, he was a victim of foul play, but nothing money cant make you forget. He seemed pretty interested in that! We come across Kehoa he is from Tahiti and is here for school, we tell him about our little school project, offered to give him a ride. He wasnt to thrilled when he discovered who was bobbin on his knob, but good thing money managed to keep all that under control. We had decided to get out of hand. We have a new partner joining the crew, this cutie Summer bang buss gay Bailey and she is perfect for helping us bait in a victim. They gave him a brand new ass to bang. Today the bait bus is back to trick and treat an unsuspecting male heterosexual with a dose of cash and a 3 way with Jessie and when we blindfolded bang buss gay him and then switched with Jamie. It didn't take long to get the straight guys blindfolded with cock out so Jayden went to work! Don't miss this one! It was the perfect scenario because he was drunk or something. We cruise around Miami and brad is the mood for a manly man, a big ole meat head. One of the guys pussied out because of the camera but the other hottie was ready to stick it. It took some convincing but once Ashlynn offered to show him her boobs, he got on. Once he got on,he bang buss gay took off his shirt and blind-folded. Good thing for us money talks bullshit walks and do you know how we do on the Bait Bus! Alright guys this week do we have a special guest today Ryan Driller, and he wants to bottom a straight guy go gay. bang buss gay.

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