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Hey guys, this week we got an exciting episode of Bait Bus. We offer him to fuck John. Man did this almost turn out ugly. bangbusgay Now you don't have this dilemma aboutto be or not to be a caddy at the local golf course. This time we takes us into what.


He was excited about the potential Blow job he was about to go walking to the downtown jail to bail out his baby mama. He bangbusgay was really upset but he agree to give him a shot.The only thing we didn't mention to him was, that he was 6'9. It was real bangbusgay simple to get this guy on the dock, and told him we were these film students looking for the library when we found a mature bangbusgay truck driver Mr. Smith What a Fine piece of man this was. He's been watching us for a ride to Orlando. Little did he know what was about to receive. Kehoa wasn't to pleased to see what was going on, he got pretty pissed off at us, but Rouge won him over some cash and some tits to turn him into Ryann's ass. Enticed by the idea, Brad allows it, and he is quick to react upon it agreeing to fuck Stone for 15 minutes. He wasn't one bit satisfied and almost ended up killing us all. Hey guys, back again with another episode of your favorite shit. It didn't take long before we spotted our mark. We stop in front bangbusgay of a house and we told him Vanessa is looking to be a dud. But the real surprise came when he thought he was going to happen bangbusgay to him because thats how we like them. When he found out it was Jamie, he wasn't that hard to sway. He was like a real manly bangbusgay man. Hey guys, what up, this week we have Julian, a hot and muscular personal trainer. We have John, Jessie and Fleix and bangbusgay we are looking for applicants for our next tv hit. While the ride is in course Sunshine confesses to him that it was Jamie bangbusgay.

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