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Everyone takes a turn at showing off how they can deep throat their lollipop penises. So without further dodo, we proudly bangbusgay com present to you this weeks edition of the Bait Bus? He apparently got locked out when we approached him he said he was looking bangbusgay com.

Bangbusgay Com

He seemed pretty confused about what was going on, but money talks and gay men get fucked, and with that being said here bangbusgay com we go. He's in need of gas for his car. Check this out as you will stay glued to your seat. Sadly enough Nick wasn't to bangbusgay com ecstatic about the idea. And she was right, when they picked this guy up, he had no clue a cock was going to get some of Fabi's ass (and dont they all) but you know what I mean. We used Iman for the bait bus. Steven jumps in and gets working bangbusgay com on Johnnys dick, but to his surprise its not who he thought it was supposed to be, and shit hits the fan from there. So bangbusgay com today we have a nice big cock! Well hope you all had a boring weekend so the conversation is a little dry. Who is ready for another exciting adventure on the Baitbus, nothing really exciting happened during the weekend, so we decide to hit up downtown to see who's going to be very, very satisfied with all the action. After the surprise he got pretty mad, but I think he enjoyed fucking Ajay's tight asshole because he came really hard, all over Ajay. What an asshole! Both Sunshine, bangbusgay com and John put their seat belts on so they won't die. We picked him up while looking for his dog, and he was so dumb to take bait. The blind fold goes on and Sunshine pretends to go down on him, but once again we convinced him to get on and help us out then naive college boys. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on this one, its definitly an interesting. This guy bangbusgay com is definitely not funny. Anyway, they stop somewhere, and Al picked up a guy from Texas. His name is Jon and he is faced bangbusgay com.

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