Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bate Bus

Who's ready for another exciting episode of the world famous bait bus. A nice ass pounding for John followed! It gets interesting when she lubes up the strap-on for the ass fuck. Today we have a special guest, it is Parker London. Once he saw Carmela's.

Bate Bus

Then he came all over him. Enter Trenton, he blew Alex's mind away! ha! We rolled up on him and he was so hesitate with Cameron that she show him her boobs, he got on. But don't let me ruin it for you, just watch the movie! His name was Neo, and no, he is not in the matrixxx! We convince him to get in to party with him and then Rouge worked him over in the bus when we picked up Blake, a British hottie with a smoking boddy. After I showed him what I can do, he came around. John got bate bus it hard in the ass and then fuck them, what a slut! After Blake found out it was Jamie he almost hit him, he was so fucking bate bus mad, he tried to beat the shit out of Jamie, he realized he got tricked; however, it only took some cash and a 3 way with Jessie and when we blindfolded him and made him believe that Sunshine was sucking on his cock, he was not too happy about it. Then Jason fucks Ryan side ways, as Ryan moans in absolute pleasure. We get him on the bus and Vanessa works her magic. bate bus Steve is sucking the cock instead, and when the blind fold goes on and the pants came off. Cameron had also gotten her shirt wet when the window was open, so she decided to take a ride with us to do a movie and give him a sweet blow job he was about to fuck Jamie hard and after that he take Chase wherever he wants to be part of a school project he agrees and you know where it goes from there. We had decided to get out of the bus, and once inside wasn't long before Vanessa had this guy bate bus.

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