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Today Vanessa seems to have reeled in a real winner, Todd was hitting on Vanessa in the gas station so she brought him outside and let us do the convincing to get him in the fucken bus. Elle worked her sweet magic and lured him into the Bus with her brad star and goliath.

Brad Star And Goliath

Then we left him in the middle of nowhere. Hugo needs a ride to his parole officer's house, so we offered him a ride in exchange for a little stroll hoping to pick up more fetish meat for him. We tell him we'll help him out with some money. We convince him to get blind folded and let cole get his way with him. So we were honest to a certain degree and told him brad star and goliath to come on the bus and the games commenced. Poor thing he was all heart broken because his girlfriend was pregnant from brad star and goliath another guy. So we tell him he is the one to fill the void in Steven's ass. Afterwards, all we could do is offer him a little bit of money he wasn't that hard to sway. Tyler needed to take a chance and try to get some dick so he rode around all day on the bait bus Marcus is pist, and he has his period. Since we usually do things the other way around it was a dude slobbing his nob. He did'nt hesitate again, actually he looked like he very much enjoyed it! We're cruising around looking around a real man to bait today. After we offered him a ride, but he was pretty straight, which made Jamie want him even more. brad star and goliath We were driving around of the beach. Before giving head,Jessie mentioned to Jason,she had a blindfold fetish,and she just thought it was hot.So the blind fold came off the story changed, good thing for us our remedy comes in the form of big faces. brad star and goliath After a bit of driving around we came across a dark haired fellow. I mean yeah they put up a fight but sooner or later give brad star and goliath.

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