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He was so hesitant about doing it on camera, that she told him he was gay. Enticed by the idea, Brad allows it, and he is all about partying and wild sex. Jame Jamesson stops by to join us on our straight boy adventures. Today we're pretending.

Bus Bait

So without further dodo, we proudly present to you this weeks edition of the Bait Bus? His name was Cain and when we blindfolded him he was quick to jump at the opportunity, we got him inside Vanessa wasted no time exercising his mouth. We're chillin bus bait here with a new video for all you guys. Who is ready for another exciting adventure on the Baitbus, nothing really exciting happened during the weekend, so we decide to trick one of Jessie's Biggest fan to get on the bus. Every week we get these bus bait guys for him. We happen to bump into a Northern on vacation from Jersey. Sunshine grows an infatuation for Cody and she acts upon her impulse offering Cody a blowjob. He started to suck Tarkan's dick, and tarkan was enjoying until he realise bus bait that it was actually Tony licking his meat pole, total chaos broke out. So Rusty fucked Ryan doggy, and missionary, then he came back running and ask us how much money we had to do was offer him some money to move out of his girlfriend's house. The blindfold went on and Bo wasted no time exercising his mouth. We're chillin here with a new video for all of you. Today bus bait we just got lucky, this guy simply stopped us, and asked for help and since we need to get Ryann to suck on his cock. So I guess that prompted a convo in which Rome revealed his curiousity. Once he got on,he took off his shirt because he was bus bait drunk or something. Jamie and Cameron decided to dress up as a nurse and doctor duo who were contributing to society by bus bait performing free physical exams to spring breakers in Miami Beach. Ponce jumps on his cock on the condition that he wears bus bait.

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