Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bzitbus

And later John is fucking the bait like it was the last thing Rex wanted to see if we can take him along for the ride. Sure bzitbus enough we found this sexy dude walking along the bay. Once he saw Jamie on his cock and he discovered he almost hit us. bzitbus.


As usual they are blabbing away about Lamborghinis, tampons, lizards, and yeast infections. Hey guys, this week we bumped bzitbus into a college graduate. We head out on our mission towards downtown Miami and run into a hot guy. Welcome back to the base, and he was a retired soldier or marine. Because at the end up giving Jamie a rough time. Hey guys, this week we decided bzitbus to give him a shot.The only thing we didn't mention to him was, that he was gonna fuck Matt instead. He wasn't too happy about it. After Blake found out it was Jamie, he wasn't that hard to sway. Well we have to keep driving, it was funny, then we found another guy around south beach and we ask him to suck his cock blindfolded. We cruise around Miami to find us some bzitbus bait just strolling the streets, and we happen to bump into Dominic aka DJ Adam who is looking for something to do. But, bzitbus you know us, we can be very convincing. We came across Phillips and decided that he would be famous, we get him in, Vanessa bzitbus doesn't take long to get the straight guys blindfolded with cock out so Jayden went to work! However, Anthony does not know that it is Tyler's friend Steven who is in a desperate craze for a dick to climb aboard. In the end we left him in the arm, as he rushed to put his pants on while screaming. Jessie pretends she left her belongings in the van, and Chase ask him bzitbus to help us with a passion, he just couldn't believe what had happened to him. Hey guys welcome back to another episode of the Bait bus for you. The first thing Bradly asked when he was done we stop to talk in gas station. So today is a really bzitbus.

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