Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Carlos Learns A Manly Lesson

He agreed we blind folded and naked, and Steven is playing the flute. Some cash and some Rouge Luv fixed things up pretty quick and Steven got his wish, a nice ass pounding. Sunshine told us that she has a candidate ready for the next move. What.

Carlos Learns A Manly Lesson

But they failed to mention from who. We pulled into the parking lot as he chases after the van. Well, Scott was ultimately seduced by the boobs, and deceived by the blindfolded blowjob followed by an offer of three G's and his ass was fucking Ryann in the butt hole, with the promise of fucking Ellie afterward. We have a project due, and who else better to help us out with story on the oil spill. He wasn't so sure at first, but we convinced him to get on the bus and tell him he is carlos learns a manly lesson the lucky guy that alexis wants to fuck. This week we decided to pretend we were college students doing a survey. The guys at Bang Bus decided to drop off one of their boys with us and let us do the convincing to get him blind folded. We offerd carlos learns a manly lesson him a lot of experiences to tell. So today Felix decided to take it off too. After a bit of persuasion vis-a-vis Iman AND carlos learns a manly lesson Melissa flashing him their tits, he got into it, and offcourse, Jamie love it! Well this guy couldn't take his eyes off of Jessie's tits so we told him how much it takes our college boy to make Jake's day. He kept saying how much he was enjoying carlos learns a manly lesson himself That Cameron was very good. She picked up this really cute guy in a black tank top named Anthony. Unsurprisingly, he gets in the bus this day as Carlos makes several attempts for the door when we tell him he is the one to fill the void in Steven's ass. Even if the skies are gray Steven will take in the ass from him and I think this blue eyed stud even enjoyed carlos learns a manly lesson.

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