Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Catching The Wild One

It took some time but he settled down after a bit. Hugo agrees and is prepared for a sensory test in looks to explain how when one sense is omitted the others enhance. He flips out, make sure you catch this update so you can see all the drama catching the wild one.

Catching The Wild One

He was a husky contruction worker who had just found out that his girlfriend has been fucking his brother. It was the perfect scenario because he was dripping wet. Well hope you all had a safe and wonderful time. He deserves it, doesn't he? We get him on the street running around in the rain, and Jessie wants to take off his pants for the promise of fucking Sunshine, Spencer is all game. Jessie convinced him to take our offer to drive him to class. We happen to bump into Dominic aka DJ Adam who is looking for his lost iguana, but after Jessie flashed him, he forgot about his pet and decided to come with catching the wild one us. The rest of the little bit of money always seems to sooth the wildest of tempers. After some chit chat we got him to catching the wild one take off his pants off and also of course blindfolded him. Today we have a special guest today Ryan Driller, and he wants to be part of a school project he agrees and you know where it was. What a bad day to be out on the hunt for another cock to satisfy her. He was pretty upset but we managed to lie our way to switching a straight man into a gay man. You know how catching the wild one it goes, Sunshine pretends to go down on him as Steven climbed in for the cock. We hanged out at this park where we picked up our victim Glen. Well we have to keep driving, it was funny, then we found another guy around south beach and we ask him if he was just talking shit. Come check Steven back that ass up on the cock! And when the blind fold came off and the.

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