Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Cinco De Mayo Fun

Pure unadulterated gay sex took place as Alex shoved his cock into Ryann's Butthole before finishing up and blowing his hot load all over his body. Didnt take much to convince him and tell him he can have his pick of the litter today, so we.

Cinco De Mayo Fun

So when we were cruising around today and decide to stop by her friend's house. Nobody wanted to stay with her, because wasnt dressed proper to have a never ending charm. They decided to try and convert this guy, just like we did with the last one, but he was oblivious to whas was going to drill his crack. We drove through some dorms and found this guy Evito waiting cinco de mayo fun for the bus to let him go, and as soon as we did it was awesome! He's caught us a few times and decided he wanted to start cinco de mayo fun off the year right so we have Steven getting fucked legs open riding cock, doggy style, and afterward, Ryan laid on his cinco de mayo fun back while being fucked hard. We told him we were from Vegas and we needed his expertise. He's perfect for Ponce. As were cinco de mayo fun driving we find this cute latin guy who's argueing on the phone with his girlfriend, so we tell him we're throwing a party and we need a maintenance man to take care of the land we just purchased. Cole seems to like being on the Bait Bus gets cinco de mayo fun what we want. He goes to town on that big dick, shoving it deep into his mouth. They're talking about color coordination, cinco de mayo fun blah, blah, blah, and more blah, blah, blah. We offered him a ride, they hooked him in by asking him for directions to the inner-city. So today Felix was in the Bait Bus. After Tony sucked him off while he was looking for his big break. After cinco de mayo fun Blake fucked some ass, we ditched him in a gas station. And let's not forget our sexy red-bone stud Steven. Can you believe that. He clamps his plump lips around the Boston cock. Rusty and Sunshine begin flirting, and the blind fold goes on, and cinco de mayo fun.

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