Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Confusion In Spring Break

But he does not get gothic cock. He calmed down with some cash, and then fucked the shit out of Jamie. But the sensation confusion in spring break was too good to be true for Tyler. So we told him we would surprise him. Elle worked her sweet magic and lured him into confusion in spring break.

Confusion In Spring Break

We had him and Jessie make small talk but he didn't know it was going to get lucky. After his blowjob Jessie was hesitant confusion in spring break but after we told him we needed someone to fuck Vanessa on cam. We decided to take the blindfold off, all hell broke loose. Turns out he is stuck there from a crazy night of partying. Tyler didn't think twice about liking a hard dick in his ass. confusion in spring break He takes his pants off blind folded. Now you guys gotta check out for yourselves. As we're cruising around we come across confusion in spring break Fin, he's a boat mechanic and wasn't to hard to get him to the test and it only took $2,000 for him to stick his cock in confusion in spring break Chris's ass. We convinced him we're starting a reality show about the tourism in Miami, and he couldn't believe it. Jaimie had the best birthday ever. They finally find a handsome mechanic with tattoos that is willing to get that twisted blow job, but little did he know that that twist was Ryan's head giving skills! I know we are! But the sensation was too good to resist,and next thing you know Jessie is showing her tits and offering him a bj. He also said it was cool as long as confusion in spring break nobody found out about it. It was surreal and a pretty good one, just check it out. He settled for $3500 and agreed to fuck confusion in spring break Jamie hard in the ass anyway. We found our stud at the gas station to buy some cigarettes.Sunshine gets out of the van completely confusion in spring break naked. As usual they are blabbing away about Lamborghinis, tampons, lizards, and yeast infections. Finally, we convince him to help us out with an interview. Jake really doesn't care what we get him in, Vanessa doesn't take long to seduce him confusion in spring break.

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