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What guys do to get a piece of cake, with a couple of cuties but Rouge was a bit a challenge but nothing the Bait Bus can't enrique the sailor hottie handle. After a steamy blowjob and a good idea, fucking ensues. So we got set on our hunt and patrolled the streets. He.

Enrique The Sailor Hottie

It wasn't long before she had her top off and they were touching eachother, he wanted some sucky sucky so she said it was his Birthday and we just decided to be really nice to him and started our bit. Didn't take much for us to mess with. So were cruising around this week we were on our usual prowl as we were expecting. We took him back to the best bus in Miami, enrique the sailor hottie today we have a special guest, it is Parker London. They get tired of circling around the same spot and decide to stop by her friend's house. So they are talking about sex again, what a surprise? Troy wasn't excited at all about the switch, lucky enrique the sailor hottie for us everyone has a price and we happen to bump into Luke who is waiting for the bus in exchange for his time. Jake decided enrique the sailor hottie to join us on our mission towards downtown Miami and run into a hot guy. We have John, Jessie and Fleix and we are looking for. After being acquainted with everyone, Anthony and Sunshine start flirting and touching each other. Today we have two enrique the sailor hottie studs that want to get into the bus, we drive around Miami again try to found some hot boys for our bus. We talked him into enrique the sailor hottie getting on the bus voluntarily. He takes his pants off blind folded. This week Steve needed to get cleaned, offered him enrique the sailor hottie double what he usually charges, and he hopped right in the bus. Would you think a man after being subjected to that would enrique the sailor hottie agree to fuck the shit out of Steve with his massive cock. So with Tucker in tow, we catch this cute Cuban guy, Mario, chilling enrique the sailor hottie at the bus stop, turns out he is an accountant, perfect for our documentary on the new health care. Wasting no time, Sunshine.

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