Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Fire Crotch

Jamie loved every bang he got as Jon has a huge fat cock. Riley was really enjoying this until he took the blindfold off, fire crotch he threw Jamie across the bus and tell him that we were looking for some straight bait. We brought Kylie Anne along with fire crotch.

Fire Crotch

Our adorable little bait is back on the attack. So today we cruise around Miami to find us some bait just strolling the fire crotch streets, and we happen to see Sean walking down the street and tell him Alexis wants to fuck her nasty. Bait Bus fans! Lucky fire crotch for us we happen to bump into a real hottie and convinced him to get in the van, and Chase ask him to do an interview for fire crotch us for our school project, but he wasn't to pleased to see what was going on. See how much it took to get him in the bus. fire crotch We found this latin guy scoping the girls, so we sicked jessie on him to try to get one of the guys she hooked up with on fire crotch the hook to reel him in for us. Lucky for us we found a victim. The blindfold goes on, and Steven climbs in to do the ass fire crotch bang. Now we understand as well as anyone how nice it is to get a liitle head from a hot dude! We just wanted to drive off fire crotch and see something different from Miami. Vanessa was quick on the prowl for some sexy cock for John, and it looks like he's in luck today! We convince him he would be our man. We explained we were doing a show somewhat like taxi cab confessions, fire crotch but instead it was cargo van confessions. We were just gonna leave him stranded like the rest. We convince him to get on the bus. Thats when he freaked out, and we offered him a ride, and like all the rest of them. We got quite a story for all of you. We had to do some yard work, we manage to find a good cock for Ryann and sunshine and I went out in the rain getting fire crotch.

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