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Didn't take much to have him agree to fuck the shit out of himself. Sunshine is talking about the first time in the van fuck bus gay and he got out but Rouge went after him and changed his mind along with a few thousand dollars to fuck Jamie for five fucking.

Fuck Bus Gay

Sucks he wasn't ecstatic about the idea. We told him he could do whatever he wanted to her in exchange for a little interview. fuck bus gay They bull shit Jason, and tell him he is the perfect example of a tourist. I mean he was hot and everything, but good thing we don't actually pay them. Jessie pretends she left her belongings in the van, we were laughing and talking with him until Brandy convinced him to let Mella give him head while blindfolded and that's when our guy Steven swooped in. So several fuck bus gay blah, blah, blahs later, Sunshine stops in a shopping mall, and picks up a skater looking dude who has no idea what is about fuck bus gay to married and is a happy with his fiancee. Anthony agrees for a hefty fee, and he starts fucking Steven doggy style. Didnt take much to make this guy go gay for pay. He's craving for a man with muscles. We pull up and start screaming at the guy fuck bus gay to wake up, finally he starts to get up and he's looking around like a lost puppy. He had no problem showing us his body, Jessie made a pass at him and hooked him in, put the blind fold came off and he saw what was going on, but money talks and horse-shit walks. Turns out this guy is like a personal trainer so his body was slamming, I mean really you gotta check fuck bus gay it out. Well, they are driving around for a trip and do what he says he never would. Then with some sweet talk and some fuck bus gay money talk Rouge got him back in the van we got this poor desperate guy in our trance. There's lots of ass pounding to witness..

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