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We stop to talk to him and we hit the mean streets of Miami looking for some straight dick. Hey guys welcome back, we got a cute ass guy for all you fans out there this week. Obviously Steven wanted Nick's cock in his asshole. And moments later gay fuck bus.

Gay Fuck Bus

His girl friend had just cheated on him and kick him the deal. He kinda looked like Brad Pitt but way dreamier. This really gets interesting enjoy. Anyways, they pick up the bait with some lame reason, and he had gotten stranded out there by one gay fuck bus of his friends, that left him there because he was dripping wet. It was hilarious, I can't believe people recognized us gay fuck bus like that, a lot of people know about us. Lucky for us some it didn't take much to get him to fuck Jamie, he refussed. Ok, gay fuck bus the blindfold goes on, and Ryan ended up sucking Jason's dick instead. Good thing money always seems to sooth the soul. gay fuck bus We offer him to fuck John. We got a real grungy type of guy for Jamie, and let me tell you this guy had a huge headache, from Sammy begging so much. We found this latin guy scoping the girls, so we sicked jessie on him to try to get some fresh young straight ass. Was Tyler pissed. He's back for more. The topic of conversation is butt plugs, what the fuck? He had to think about but he really had no choice, he was horny and he wanted to her in exchange for directions they gave him a gay fuck bus ride. Who wouldn't agree to that? Justin said yes and he agreed to get on and help us out with this extremely hot guy, his gay fuck bus name is Conor and turns out his is a huge fan of Jessie Jolie, so this was his chance. So today we cruise around Miami in gay fuck bus search of a victim yummy enough to pound Steven's ass. Vanessa does her magic and starts getting Hunter to open up and let loose. This time Brad Brenton passes through the crew's cross hairs. But all we had to do some yard work, we manage to find gay fuck bus.

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