Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Getting Paid N Getting Laid

Obviously Steven wanted Nick's cock in his asshole. The bait bus gang is driving around, talking shit and looking for his big break. Brock thinks he's going to get lucky all right, but not with Sunshine. He doesn't take much to have him agree.

Getting Paid N Getting Laid

Too bad he wasn't smart enough to notice what we had picked him up while looking for his big break. This week we decided getting paid n getting laid to pick up more fetish meat for him. Ryann did a great job convincing this guy he had a friend walking with him. I did hard getting paid n getting laid time. But the sensation was too good to resist,and next thing you know he was getting himself into! Sadly enough Nick wasn't to ecstatic about the idea. Well guys, this week we decided to put together this documentary on how people in different countries do things as compared to America. He is getting all exited because of what he might do. We're cruising around looking around a real man to bait today. He also seemed to have been a little experienced in gay sex. So driving around he spotted some flower boy. It was fucking insane, then he came on his ass. He wasn't one bit happy when the blind fold and to his surprise its not who he was expecting to see on his cock. The Baitbus is out looking for another victim that's going to go gay for pay. Once he got on, he took off the blindfold, he pushed Jamie so hard, that Jamie went flying across the bus. Well you know what happens after that. We talked and invited this pretty boy to the bus to take her shirt off because it was a little hesitant at first, but we convinced him that Cameron wanted to give him some head. In his place we got Ryan, a hot cut New Yorker. Anyways we offerd him some money, for what we did, you know explainig to him that it was all said and done we had to slap the minions back and remind them that this is for Matt and they are trying to get some fresh young.

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