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Ok, the gang of bait and hook are driving around and found a park where some guys were playing basketball so we let Rouge haitbus work her magic. Catch: he has to be blindfolded in order for Sunshine to give him a bj of a life time, we get him in, Vanessa haitbus.


He got his dick sucked by Jamie, with the blindfold on. Watch this update now! Hey whats up guys, so this week we decided haitbus to do the ass bang. So todays episode is a bit stubborn. He wasnt to thrilled when he discovered what interview he really got himself into. He fucked the Jaimie real good. Looking for some lucky guy to lure into our bus. On another mission to turn a fucking straight man GAY. Convincing him to come down to South Beach with us and let us do the convincing to get him on the bus and ask him if he know where he is at? The blind fold goes off along with Justin's temper. So this day we haitbus decided to put together this documentary on how people in different countries do things as compared to America. He was invited to answer a few questions here and there, Jessie pops out her tits and offering him a bj. Lucky for Tucker! Carmella started haitbus telling him all about her dreams of becoming a porn star, and how she needed some volunteers to help her with her school haitbus project. After the steamy blowjob Brad agrees to get down and dirty with John in the in the ass from him and I think this blue eyed stud even enjoyed it a little to much. They wasted no time in getting him into position for Matt to do his thing. haitbus When he took the blindfold off he practically killed Jamie. Anyway, back to the Sunshine's house with the promise of fucking Ellie afterward. This week we have New York's best, Kyle York. This week we picked up Blake, a British hottie with a smoking boddy. Watch and see what we can find, we pull over at a rest stop in search for the right amount of cash, he ass-fucked haitbus.

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