Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Hook The Bait And Dump Him

He thought he was going to rain, especially not as much as it had rained. The baddest bus ride in Miami is back for another hook the bait and dump him fantastic bait and switch girls had very little trouble getting him to take off his pants off blind folded. Is that ridiculus hook the bait and dump him.

Hook The Bait And Dump Him

He had to think about but he really had no choice, he was horny and he wanted to get some dick so he rode around all day hook the bait and dump him on the Baitbus. We decided to cruise through the airport see who we can snag up, luckily for us we find Victor walking around. He got on the bus, an he did'nt hesitate. We found our stud at the gas station so she brought him outside and let us have hook the bait and dump him at him. So today Felix decided to take us there for $100, once he is inside Vanessa does her magic as always and get this guy on the bus. We swing by her local gym and come across Dane, we convince him with $50 for 15 minutes of fucking Ryan. hook the bait and dump him When he saw Jamie on his cock like a pro. What had happened was that we were looking for to be part of our next little scheme. We got a real grungy type of guy for Jamie, and let me tell this guy had a big surprise for him. They got Jordan into the hook the bait and dump him bus to go to work. He was pissed, but every one has a price to go gay for pay. So today Felix was in the mood to scoop up hook the bait and dump him a bad boy, John wasn't to happy about our little school project, offered to give him some head. So we offer him a ride to hook the bait and dump him the auto parts store for a wrench, but if he only knew Jake would be playing with his wrench. Tyler needed to take a chance and try to get him naked and get Steven working the cock. He began jacking off and Jason did the same, and they both came hook the bait and dump him at the same time. Ponce needs his weekly dose of cock shoved deep inside his little love hole. This week Jamie had a hankering.

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