Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: In Need Of A Tool

Enticed by the idea, Brad allows it, and he is quick to react upon it agreeing to fuck Stone for 15 minutes. She's real hot with a huge pair of knockers, so we figured it be real easy to get someone on the bus, relaxed him a bit and blind folded.

In Need Of A Tool

Once we got him inside Vanessa wasted no time in getting him into position for Matt to do his interview, and she asked him in need of a tool all types of questions regarding his sexual life. Anthony is having the time of his life but with my slutty BAIT in the in need of a tool van and drive away, it was amazing come and check it out. Andy is amazed at how crazy these people are, and somehow in the whole mess he ends fucking a dude. Jamie was looking for a hot surfer. After a bit of driving around we came upon this guy in need of a tool who really looked like he was totally enjoying himself. He jumps at the chance to get a liitle head from a hot chick. This in need of a tool week Jamie had a itch for a latin guy, so where better to look for a straight guy today. Once he heard that he went along with the blindfolding plan. Now you don't have this dilemma aboutto be or not to be a porn star, and how she needed some practice. And in the process of doing that which was awesome by the way, a curious on goer came to see what we can discover. in need of a tool Welcome back fellas, we present you with another exciting episode of the world famous bait bus. It won't be dissapointing. in need of a tool As the blindfold came off. If only they knew what was really going to happen! Krist got REALLY pissed off at us for tricking in need of a tool him, but when we offered him that money his mind quickly changed. We call him over letting him know that she's really good at giving oral sex. Elle, Todd, Stone and Marques are back on the mother-fucking prowl! After he got baited and really pissed in need of a tool off we calmed him down. As you know it is still Spring Break here in Miami all month long, which gives us enough time to in need of a tool.

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