Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: In Search For The Right Samples

Sunshine is talking away as usual, about some guy at a nude beach with a shit load of cock piercings. We convinced him to in search for the right samples hop on for a ride. Convincing him to come on the bus voluntarily. See what his price tag wasn't as high as we were expecting..

In Search For The Right Samples

Brandy tells him she goes to college here too, and she needed some volunteers to help her with her school project. He was in search for the right samples in heaven when Sunshine pulled her shit off and showed her tits. Elle worked her sweet magic and lured him into the Bus with her sexy ass and tits, and blindfolds him. We talk him into playing a little game of pretend. Tyler didn't think twice in search for the right samples about shoving his big cock deep inside that pretty red-bone tight ass of Steven's. Cruising around we bump into an anesthesiologist, he is just getting off of shift but we convince him that Cameron could definitely cheer him up with the twins, you know in search for the right samples her big ass tits. We convince him he would be famous, we get him on the bus as the bait today. Anyway they're talking about in search for the right samples fat men on nude beaches; it's not fun to get a better idea. Yo dog, Hunter here. This week we picked up a guy from New York in search for the right samples who just broke up with his girlfriend. We drove around with our crazy party on the bus his name is Alex, and they hooked in search for the right samples him in by asking him for directions to the beach as he joined them. His name is Spencer, a manager at some store. Well guys, this week we decided to give this sweet boy a ride. But after we proposed a handsome reward for fucking Ryann he was down to do it for free. They weren't listing. Once she makes out with him a bit and blind folded and naked, and Steven is sucking his cock and works that neck with a passion. So today we cruise around Miami and brad is the mood for a bad boy, so we were in search for the right samples.

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