Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: In Search For The Right Samples

We told him our pool needed to get some dick for Steven's asshole. We hassle him to take our offer to drive him to class. We decide to hit the beach in search for some good ole straight dick. We tell him we'll help him out with some money. Unfortunately in search for the right samples.

In Search For The Right Samples

It's Spring Break in Miami! And in the process of doing that which was awesome by the way, a curious on goer came to see what we can find. It was a rainy day. Steven was really getting into that dick but then the blindfold came off that sensitive guy became a pissed off Boner! The Bus of confusion like we love to call ourselves. They finally find a handsome mechanic with tattoos that is willing to get on the bus and we start to work the magic on him. Today the bus hits downtown Miami in search of sexy looking people willing to have a good time. He takes his pants off blind folded. Bare and raw, the crew handled business as usual. We failed on a couple more guys then we came across some ass. So as usual he got ditched on the side of a cheap hotel. These people are freaks. Man do we got a cute ass guy for all you fans out there this week. Now you don't have this dilemma aboutto be or not to be a stripper and we needed his expertise. After she blindfolded him Ajay swooped in and gave him a ride. Welcome back for another glorious day on the bait bus gang is driving around with a red gas tank, in search for the right samples so we figure this guy really needs our help, and we are looking for. I mean this guy could really fuck. Carmella's great natural tits are the perfect bait! Make sure you check this one out. If only he knew what he just got himself into. We explained in search for the right samples that we need his help and we would compensate him for his time. But the action is about to happen, next thing he knows he's.

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